Black Friday is a Test


There’s been a lot of discussion this year about stores that plan to open on Thanksgiving Day. It’s become a litmus test to see which corporations value the holiday the most. But we’re more interested to see what happens on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. We use the day after Thanksgiving to see if animal shelters are in the business of saving their animals’ lives by finding them homes.

Yes, Black Friday is a test. If your shelter is open on Black Friday – or at least doing offsite adoptions – it’s doing everything it can to find homes for the animals in its care. After all, the shoppers are out in droves, so why not entice them to stop into your shelter? If your shelter is closed on Friday, we suspect they’re willing to kill healthy and treatable animals needlessly, because they’d rather be out with the shopping hordes instead of doing their job.

It drives us to distraction when shelters refuse to open on a busy day like Black Friday. At least some of their staff is working that day to clean and feed the animals in their care. Why not open the shelter why they’re cleaning? A volunteer or two could greet potential adopters. It wouldn’t cost a dime extra. Extra adoption revenue and new homes for some of the shelter pets would be a bonus.

So pay attention to your shelter this Black Friday. If they’re open, congratulate them for working to find homes for their shelter pets. If your shelter is closed, make sure they know you give them this grade: FAIL.