New Web Site Documents No Kill Progress

Posted on Apr 21, 2015

It’s getting hard to keep up! The No Kill Movement has been experiencing explosive growth during the past several years. Many communities have implemented the lifesaving¬†21st century model of animal...

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Get Your No Kill Playbook

Posted on Jan 6, 2015

The 2014 Best Friends National Conference spotlighted eight communities which have achieved No Kill or are on their way to success. Now you can download a playbook from each community. You can see what...

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Colorado says, “The Race is On!”

Posted on Oct 1, 2014

Thanks to the power of statistics, the race for the first No Kill state in America is on! Colorado is unique, because the state requires its municipal animal shelters to report their data to the Colorado...

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The Largest No Kill City in America

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

Austin, Texas is still the largest No Kill city in the United States. After a protracted battle to get the city onto a No Kill footing, led by Ryan Clinton of FixAustin, Larry Tucker of the city’s...

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This is How No Kill is Done

Posted on Aug 26, 2014

Two days after Nathan Winograd came to town on his No Kill is Love National Tour, the shelters of Northwest Arkansas announced that they’re hosting a huge adoption event on September 6. As announced by...

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Tompkins County SPCA

Posted on Aug 19, 2014

The Tompkins County SPCA in Ithaca, NY became the first No Kill open admission shelter in the United States in 2001. The shelter’s executive director, Nathan Winograd, set the stage for the rapid change...

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