Establishing the New Normal

Have you seen the March/April 2015 edition of Best Friends Magazine? (It’s easy to subscribe here.) Best Friends CEO Gregory Castle has another brilliant column about the dramatic increase in lifesaving brought about by people like you.

Best Friends SignSince we’re still in the thick of our campaign to save the lives of 9,000 homeless animals who are killed in our shelters every day, it’s easy to forget that around 46,000 were killed each day thirty years ago. “A vast improvement, though still a tragedy,” Gregory writes.

His magazine column centers on our rapid acceptance of technological advancements. He remembers his wonder at turning his smart phone on its side to see the screen change from vertical to landscape view. That’s a ho-hum experience these days. But it’s easy to forget that computers and smartphones had a fair number of naysayers when they were first introduced.

He believes we’re on that same trajectory with the shelter industry. Thanks to your hard work and the work of thousands like you, we’re changing the paradigm at our open admission municipal shelters.

Take a look back. We’ve come a long way and we’re gaining speed. We’re quickly approaching the day when every healthy or treatable shelter pet can look forward to a happy and productive life. In his most recent column, Gregory says it best: “Just as there were people who said TV wouldn’t last, now there are people who claim it’s impossible to Save Them All. They’re wrong.”