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New Web Site Documents No Kill Progress

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It’s getting hard to keep up! The No Kill Movement has been experiencing explosive growth during the past several years. Many communities have implemented the lifesaving 21st century model of animal sheltering and are documenting daily improvements in their save rate.

Thankfully, a new web site, Saving 90, has sprung up to help us keep track of the progress. In addition to a statewide listing of every community that has achieved a 90% or better lifesaving goal in their open admission municipal shelter, a separate page is dedicated to the cities who are almost there, the communities who are saving at least 80% of the homeless pets in their care.

In addition, the site has extensive information about the No Kill Equation and how you can reform the regressive shelters in your area.

No Kill Now

Get Your No Kill Playbook

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The 2014 Best Friends National Conference spotlighted eight communities which have achieved No Kill or are on their way to success. Now you can download a playbook from each community. You can see what worked, what didn’t work and what’s next in each community. Click a link below to see a playbook:

Thank you to Best Friends for providing these playbooks. Put these ideas to use in your community, and start saving more lives today!


Colorado says, “The Race is On!”

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Thanks to the power of statistics, the race for the first No Kill state in America is on! Colorado is unique, because the state requires its municipal animal shelters to report their data to the Colorado Department of Agriculture. The 2013 annual statistics are out, and Colorado has a cumulative statewide save rate of 87%. Its statewide save rate for dogs is an incredible 91%.

Download our chart to get the full story. See the full data set on the State of Colorado’s web site.

To be sure, there’s plenty of work to do since at least nine Colorado cities (Aurora, Castle Rock, Commerce City, Denver, Fort Lupton, La Junta, Lone Tree, Louisville and Northglenn) have pit bull bans in effect. Congratulations to many of the shelters in the State of Colorado, along with our good friends at Rescue One Dog and No Kill Colorado.

Will Colorado become the first No Kill state in America? There’s still time to catch up. Get to work today to make sure your state is No Kill. A good place to start is the No Kill Advocate’s Toolkit from the No Kill Advocacy Center.


The Largest No Kill City in America

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Austin, Texas is still the largest No Kill city in the United States. After a protracted battle to get the city onto a No Kill footing, led by Ryan Clinton of FixAustin, Larry Tucker of the city’s Animal Advisory Committee, City Councilman Mike Martinez and Dr. Ellen Jefferson of Austin Pets Alive!, Austin set the standard that every community should hope to achieve. In fact, Austin’s leaders make it easy for everyone to copy their No Kill model by openly sharing their information. American Pets Alive! hosts an annual No Kill conference in Austin every February. Dr. Jefferson is a popular speaker on the conference and webinar circuit. And the internet is full of stories about Austin Austin became – and continues to maintain – No Kill. Here are a few examples:

No Kill No Problem, Part One

No Kill No Problem, Part Two

No Kill No Problem, Part Three

No Kill No Problem, Part Four

How APA! Got Started in Austin (.pdf)

The No Kill Revolution Starts With YOU

Michael Kitkoski of No Kill Solutions poses with Dr. Ellen Jefferson of Austin Pets Alive! and Ryan Clinton of FixAustin!

Michael Kitkoski of No Kill Solutions poses with Dr. Ellen Jefferson of Austin Pets Alive! and Ryan Clinton of FixAustin!

This is How No Kill is Done

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Pets AliveTwo days after Nathan Winograd came to town on his No Kill is Love National Tour, the shelters of Northwest Arkansas announced that they’re hosting a huge adoption event on September 6. As announced by Pets Alive Northwest Arkansas, six area animal shelters — Fayetteville Animal ServicesSpringdale Animal ServicesRogers Animal ServicesSiloam Springs Animal ShelterBella Vista Animal Shelter and the Washington County Animal Shelter — are offering $10 adoption fees on all pets during the event.

Tompkins County SPCA

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The Tompkins County SPCA in Ithaca, NY became the first No Kill open admission shelter in the United States in 2001. The shelter’s executive director, Nathan Winograd, set the stage for the rapid change that was to follow.

How did they do it? Find out from Nathan and Valerie Hayes.

Get Them Out the Front Door

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As Mike Fry of Animal Wise Radio says, you’ll be successful if you put your pets on the adoption floor instead of in the freezer. Find out how 500-plus cities and towns across the United States are doing amazing things as they send their pets out the front door in the loving arms of adopters instead of out the back door in plastic bags.