Shelters not Following Their Community’s Wishes

Here’s an excerpt from our upcoming publication “7 Steps 2 Shelter Success:”

An poll conducted October 13-17, 2011 showed nearly three-fourths of all Americans agreed that “animal shelters should only be allowed to euthanize animals when they are too sick to be treated or too aggressive to be adopted.” So why do so many animal shelters in the United States – in opposition to the wishes of their taxpayers – insist on killing the healthy and treatable pets in their care?

We think they’ve been stuck on an old, discredited business model for too long.

The business model took hold back in colonial times, when “pounds” were set up by entrepreneurs as a money-making scheme. Stray animals were impounded. Working stock like horses and cattle were returned to their owners for a fee.

Since dogs and cats had no monetary value, they were routinely killed.

But America is a much different place today. While we Americans changed our opinions about our pets – they had moved from our barnyards to our backyards and into our bedrooms – the business model of the local “pound” hardly changed at all.

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