Your Shelter Should be Open This Weekend


It’s Labor Day weekend. Families are back from summer vacation, children are getting ready to go┬áback to school and most people are looking forward to a three-day holiday. Yet a PetSmart Charities survey found that nearly 40% of potential adopting families won’t go to a shelter because they think the opening hours are too limited.

Those people are – sadly – generally correct. Most regressive animal shelters which insist on killing healthy and treatable pets as a business model make it difficult for those pets to find a home. Opening hours at these shelters are usually scheduled for the convenience of shelter staff, not for the working – and adopting – public.

And on weekends like Labor Day, when most families are enjoying a rare taste of ample free time, most of those shelters will be closed on Sunday and Monday.

We’ll wager that your local Petco and PetSmart stores will be open all weekend long. If your shelter is serious about finding homes for its pets, your shelter should be open as well. And it should be running some sort of Labor Day adoption promotion.

On this holiday weekend, the shelter pets deserve our best labor. Make sure your shelter is open and ready to greet adopting families with open arms and wagging tails.